The Kid’s Role to Care for the Parent

“Sometimes what is needed are not big sweeping gestures but the small things like spending time with them, visiting them with their favourite food if they live elsewhere, or accompanying them for medical appointments to provide assurance.

At the core of these small gestures is a respect for their wishes and an empathetic heart to give back to them in the way they cared for us while we were young.

It does not take a lot actually, it just requires a re-prioritisation of our time and a mindset shift.” Continue reading The Kid’s Role to Care for the Parent

“I Have No Friends”

“I have no friends.” An innocent conversation just before class started, about tardiness and somehow this phrase came out from a fellow classmate.  So heartbreaking it sounds. So direct those words.  It kind of pierced my heart to hear it from someone I’d recognise beyond the usual contact in class.  Paired with the recent drama about teenage suicide that I’ve been watching, 13 Reasons Why, … Continue reading “I Have No Friends”

World Diabetes Day was almost blackout day for me…

   Look at the picture again, and you’d think that everyone is smiling happily post-workout. Little would you know that I’m on the verge of blacking out, a little breathless and couldn’t stand for another minute longer. It’s much scarier in real life and words can’t really describe it sufficiently well. And that’s the sneakiness of diabetes – seeping the hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) and … Continue reading World Diabetes Day was almost blackout day for me…