Farewell 2015, it was good while it lasted.

31 12 2015


Everyday we face it, we experience it and we deal with it.
Yet, who knew that it can also bring with it so many other issues.
Like say, eczema and cramps, or whatnot.
Still something I’m learning to deal with and not get overwhelmed by each time.
But aren’t we all?

Many not so great experiences this year but I believe that we’ll get through it.
With support and love, we’ll overcome it together.
To 2016 – a healthier and better us.
Through effort and perseverance, we’ll come out stronger.

A year where I took a leap, further than previously and braver a step than I thought I would ever take.
The memories created, the experiences I’ve gone through and the values instilled – all something that cannot be described and can only be understood after you’ve gone through it yourself. Solo tripping is something we should try at least once in our lives.

A learning journey every step of the way, the ups and downs, successes and failures.

Try our best, that’s what we’ll do everyday.

Memories etched forever in that heart that keeps beating, working hard every millisecond – that’s how I’ll strive to be. 

To appreciate what you have now, what you had in the past and be grateful for being able to have a tomorrow and a future. 

We never know when life will give our bucket a kick, so living it to the fullest each day with whatever our individual priorities are is what the new year should be like. 


True Colours

10 08 2015

Through time, 

Will we be able see one’s true colours.
To understand one’s past and what they’ve experienced to be who they are today.

To realise the truth behind why things work the way they do.

To unveil the hierarchy of existing norms that won’t be easily changed.

To grow and learn about life and our roles in it, with no option to turn back.

To find out that everyone has their own story, which underneath that smile, is an untold story you’ll never know.

Through experience,

Will we learn that people are different – in personalities, in worldview, in behaviour.

That we are not all the same and we cannot expect that to be so.

That we need to learn to accept the differences, and that to find someone not your family to be accepting of all of you is difficult and should be treasured when found.

That we will need to let go – of some of our past, our relations and our thoughts.

That there will be times when we reflect back, and we miss parts of our past, or people who had been in our lives, but we learn to continue on with the past remaining where it should be – as our memories.

That we will never be perfect, nor anyone else will ever be. 

That we can only strive to be the best version of being good as we understand it to be.

That through it all, family is the one to hold closest to.

That those dearest to us, whether going through ups or downs, learning our rights and wrongs, we grow together.

True friends

2 07 2015


Wise words shared,
To my heart I’ll keep them.
Thankful for true friends,
Who tell you those honest words,
And keep you grounded,
Ensure your continual growth as a person.
Constantly challenging you,
To become a better person,
To guide you through their past experiences,
So you can learn from them.

Grateful for these hidden gems of people,
Hopeful that to them I am also that friend,
Listening in,
I will grow,
Change and mould myself to be a better person,
Because then that’s how I can repay their kindness.
To take their advice and grow from there,
Stepping out of the comfort zone,
Mending those flaws,
And strive for betterment.

Reflective Solitude – My May Day Change

2 05 2015


When I read this article on why it’s important to get away, it hit me hard. While going through our daily motions, it’s so easy to go with the flow that I stopped thinking, reflecting, and planning for what’s ahead.

This long May Day weekend, I tried doing just that – spending some time alone to reflect and run things through my mind. While it didn’t go through quite as successfully as expected, spending time instead with the family, I managed to squeeze in that couple of hours in the wee hours of the morning when I could afford to wake up later following after.

Pretty glad that I did try, because now, I’m slightly clearer as to what I’m really looking forward to in certain aspects of my life. And I’d encourage you to do so too, just a bit of alone time to process your thoughts, think of your future and what you’re aiming for.

And this May, I’m expecting these changes to happen and I’m a little thrilled to see how things will pan out. While not everything will show so quickly – as there are some long-term goals involved as well – it’s still a good start to be expectant for the future.

Challenges to come, I’m ready to take you on and try my best. Let’s all do this together, change is coming!


What Lies Beneath – the night poems #5

29 01 2015


They say pictures say a thousand words
But don’t they know that it too can tell a billion lies
With manipulation
Such jubilation
All a facade it shows
A story it goes


Laughter a comedian brings
Or the humourous one can
But it does not show
The sorrow hidden deep inside
Buried underneath the smile it hides

“Understand”, the word – night poems #4

18 01 2015


Understanding and to be understood
Two seemingly similar things
Yet so often only one will occur

The brain’s that complex
So hard to comprehend
When disagreements take place
Just because of these two phrases
Why can’t you be more understanding?
When I could, if we were in the other’s shoes
So easily misunderstood
Because not all good intentions come to a good end.

Words said, cannot be unsaid
Yet different people can comprehend so differently
But when it’s based on situations,
How can we say that being understanding is so difficult?
Maybe it’s expectations instead that differ.
Who’s willing to give more, who wants to take more
But after all, not all good intentions come to a good end.

Expectations and reality – the night poems #3

14 01 2015


Holding in
Letting go
Words so easily said
Actions that difficult to take

How much longer should we wait
To what extend will it take
For each day it starts hurting more
Till I end up shrinking all

There’s only so much we can give
Before we need some taking in
That tinge of comfort we can get
From as little as a silhouette

Priorities in our lives
At this time, with our plight
We choose one, and lose the other
But who’s to say, that’s not right
Guess you might

Chasing after gold
Until we all get old
Till then do we realise
Such fools we all are
Racing against time
Going against youth
Catching our breaths
Only to see the glimpses of life fly by
When all we’re racing against,
Is nothing but one
Against ourselves
Against our time

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