Farewell 2015, it was good while it lasted.

31 12 2015


Everyday we face it, we experience it and we deal with it.
Yet, who knew that it can also bring with it so many other issues.
Like say, eczema and cramps, or whatnot.
Still something I’m learning to deal with and not get overwhelmed by each time.
But aren’t we all?

Many not so great experiences this year but I believe that we’ll get through it.
With support and love, we’ll overcome it together.
To 2016 – a healthier and better us.
Through effort and perseverance, we’ll come out stronger.

A year where I took a leap, further than previously and braver a step than I thought I would ever take.
The memories created, the experiences I’ve gone through and the values instilled – all something that cannot be described and can only be understood after you’ve gone through it yourself. Solo tripping is something we should try at least once in our lives.

A learning journey every step of the way, the ups and downs, successes and failures.

Try our best, that’s what we’ll do everyday.

Memories etched forever in that heart that keeps beating, working hard every millisecond – that’s how I’ll strive to be. 

To appreciate what you have now, what you had in the past and be grateful for being able to have a tomorrow and a future. 

We never know when life will give our bucket a kick, so living it to the fullest each day with whatever our individual priorities are is what the new year should be like. 


Fight for the ones that you want to keep in your life.

9 12 2014


“There are strangers everywhere who we will never have the privilege of knowing and people are leaving this planet in every moment. It shouldn’t just be the holidays when we remember to appreciate the people we love. Wake up, humans. Fight for the ones that you want to keep in your life.”

“Things are always “complicated.” They live far away or they’re afraid of commitment or they’re too busy to make something work. If you care about someone, you keep them in your life. Period. If you like someone, you fight for them, every day – not just on the days you’re told you should be thinking of them. If you love someone, if they get you better than anything else, if even 2 minutes of talking to this person makes you remember how deeply you care about them, then you should never let them go. Love doesn’t know any boundaries – or it shouldn’t, anyway. Love should be the one thing in this life that happens despite everything else.”

“As we gather for the holidays, we catch each other up on our lives, how we’ve been doing, all the success we’ve been making for ourselves. It’s important to be successful in life. That’s what we all want. We want to be actors, writers, musicians, doctors, lawyers, world changers. We’re working our asses off to get there, and we’re losing people in the process. We justify it easily. We’re too busy right now. If the people in our life care about us, then they’ll stay. We’ll see them over the holidays. We’ll buy them a kick ass gift. They’ll stick by us until we’re ready for them again.”

If the people in your life are trying their hardest to stay with you and you’re not giving anything back? You’re going to lose them. Yes, we need to fight for people, we need to stick by the ones we love no matter what, but we also need to be fought for. There’s only so much indifference our hearts can take. We need to be loved right back.”

“Don’t take the people in your life for granted. Don’t stop fighting for people because you’re on your way to success and don’t want anything, or anyone, to screw up your career. Careers are always there. You can start trying for a career any day. The medical field, the music industry, the art scene – those aren’t going away any time soon. The people you have in your life – you could lose them, at any moment, if you don’t care enough to keep them with you.


The moments I’ll cherish, will you too?
Things you’ve said that should push me away, why do I still want to stay?
Is it a case of bad timing, or have you not let go of the past?
Stories you shared, felt so personal. Yet we’re both withdrawing.
Are we both afraid and thus pushing each other away?
Are we too scared of being vulnerable yet again?
Should it always be this hard?


Playing it cool, we let it drift.
Things can be simple, yet we’re always making it complicated.
Maybe it’s because we have differing goals right now.
Things are stable, we’re happy just working hard for a successful career.
Happy with just having a fun time with our closest friends and family.
That’s all we need, we think. At least for now.
But is that really the case?
Deep down, we know how we feel.
Are we avoiding going further simply because it doesn’t hurt now?
We’ll just enjoy the moment now, or so we think.
“There’s only so much indifference our hearts can take.”


Do I really know you? No I don’t.
But neither do you.
Is it worth fighting for, I ask myself repeatedly.
To be honest, I wouldn’t know.
I’m holding out, for now. For how long, I don’t know.
It’s easier to just let go, to move on.
But, there’s always a but. A nagging thought at the back of my mind.


Post inspired by Thought Catalogue’s post titled “Fight for the people you love – end of story

Why girls love chic-lit?

4 08 2012

Royalty-free Image: Pages of book forming a heart shape

Why females love reading chic-lit?

Basically because it lets them live a fairy tale they know they could never experience themselves.

Yet the entertainment and hope that eventually that fairy tale may come true pushes them on each day.

Because despite the many people whom they have met and known, no one really knows their entire self.

What was your past really like, from the moment they’ve met and gotten to know you.

What kind of deep, dark secrets have they not yet discovered?

Every person steps into our lives for a reason, one might say.

But no one will truly know us in our entirety, not unless we let them.

And that’s why girls like their chic-lit so much.

Because it’s there that they find their true freedom, in their own mind.

Where they know every single thing about themselves, and yet able to relate to whatever they are reading.

Been down with the flu and cough the entire week, ruined all exercise routine I had originally planned for.

Hadn’t been easy either, feeling restless and irritable the whole week.

What’s more, I had to cancel several appointments to stay in though I’m not complaining about the opportunity to do so, especially before the hectic final year of uni is starting soon.

Am more glad that I don’t have to deal with the horrible NUS CORS bidding system since I got preallocated all of my modules this semester, strangely happening only in my ninth semester of school.

It also doesn’t hurt that I finally got down to reading the books that I’ve borrowed from the library – thus inspiring this post btw.

Going to keep this short and go back to reading and hopefully more inspiration.

Ciao for now!

Adventurous me is revealing.

1 06 2012

Today marks the first day of the half-year of 2012.

And I’ve been meaning to blog more frequently but with the workload-laden sixth semester of uni, filled with projects and assignments, it was difficult to find time to do so.

Then procrastination kicked in when holidays came around. I’d thought that was going to be my last semester and graduation would take place, but with God’s grace, the release of results just a few days ago made me realize that maybe university isn’t over for me yet.

As you know, God has His plans for us and so I took the leap of faith and trusted in Him to decide to continue on for one more year of studies, to complete an honours degree course.

What’s more significant that I want to post about rather, is about the realization that yes, I’m growing older but at the same time, I’m learning to take more leaps of faith and to treasure the time I have now to just do what I really want to do.

That includes trying out for the Red Bull Rookies challenge last month.

I’ve never tried go-karting before, so I was really just trying my luck on the simulator at the road show and subsequently the go-kart challenge held at Kartridge Speedway (the only go-karting place in Singapore with the failed attempt for the Changi one).

Initially, I gave up all hope after my runs on the go-kart since I was the last in the group. But amazingly, I managed to stay within the top 10 girls!

RBR Girls + Melissa Huang + DJ JK

RBR Girls + Melissa Huang + DJ JK

Red Bull Rookies Go-Kart Challenge Top 10 Girls + 1 Wild Card

Top 10 Girls + 1 Wild Card

Next round was Elimination Round 1 at KL Subang. This was where we met up with the rest of the Red Bull Rookies from Malaysia and Brunei and as a group of 66, go through the obstacle course to select the next 30 to move on to the next round.

Elimination Round 1

Elimination Round 1

It wasn’t easy for me since I haven’t driven for a long time, and we were up against the much more experienced Malaysians and Bruneians. There were fewer girls though, so in a way we had a better chance of getting through but as the numbers get smaller until the ultimate two girls and two guys who will join Melissa Huang and Mark Darwin for the respective gender’s teams, I’d say that the competition’s tough.

Results were supposed to be out by this week but none of us had any calls yet so I guess the results haven’t been made known yet. Either way, I’m thankful for having had such a memorable and good experience trying out for RBR so far. I don’t have much confidence in myself for now, but at least I’ve tried (: Here are just some photos grabbed from the RBR facebook page as well as our own stash of random shots.

RBR Top 66 girls

Top 66 girls

RBR Top 66 group shot

Top 66 group shot

RBR Top 66 Singapore

Top 66 Singapore

RBR Top 66 Singapore with the race car

Top 66 Singapore with the race car

Another memorable event was going to Genting with the family on the weekend of reading week, which is a week with no school given to us as a study break to prepare for our finals. It was fun and I really enjoyed myself there, especially with the weather (walking in clouds literally) and the theme park rides – one of which is the cork screw which I sat with my brother twice, once just because it was right after the rain stopped and so the ride goes up into the clouds and it was a once-in-a-lifetime affair since I’ll probably not go to Genting just for the rides anymore.

Cork screw ride from afar

Cork screw ride from afar

Blowing the clouds

See, I can blow the clouds!

Then there was my first time at One Marina for my cousin’s wedding.

Not many pictures taken that night since it was focused more on the bride and groom, and the noob photographer aka myself couldn’t capture the beautiful moments fast enough. So I’m just going to share the one I took after the whole event.

Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad

Bro & I

Bro & I

 Last of all, my supposed grad trip turned one-year early grad trip to Mauritius! 😀



Family and friends have been telling me how I seem to have grown much more adventurous but really, I think deep down inside, this is really who I am and I’m no longer afraid to show it.

I understand my loved ones being worried for me though, with all my medical condition and all, but I promise that I’ll take good care of myself and just do what I really want to and enjoy doing.

This trip is going to be my second time on a plane ride overseas, but my first going alone without family (and sort of friends since the group of us have only met once during the briefing or otherwise).

And I’m super excited to try hiking, snorkelling, possibly quad biking and skydiving! :DD

Yes, loads of money is going to be spent but I believe that it’s worth it for the experience and memories I’m going to have. Will try to take as many photos as possible and share them when I’m back.

Meanwhile, off to prepping for the trip for now!

I will be updating more when I’m back, ciao!

lonely beyond lonely

3 08 2011

lonely dog

yes, i do actually think that there’s a deeper level of loneliness than lonely itself.

imagine feeling lonely even in the midst of people you do know, or those who you talk more than occasionally, people whom others label as your friends but you still feel that sense of distance.

i think i might be experiencing it again.

this time though, i think it’s just me.

i used to harp on the fact that i have trust issues – easily trust people in the beginning but never fully giving my trust, not even myself i think.

i guess it’s normal that everyone has their own deepest secret, or something that they don’t want others to know but i think something’s wrong if i’m feeling so much so that loneliness doesn’t seem quite right a word to describe it.

i mean, i have friends who i catch up with at times, those i’m really close with, those who i HTHT to but deep down, i think i still feel distanced, that something’s lacking.

idk what it is, what i’m looking for, what i want to find but it’s been bugging me for awhile now.

it might be due to my dwelling on my future, the fact that the new term is starting or something else – i can’t quite put a finger to it yet.

but on the other hand, i feel so tired to be bothered  by it, mentally and/or emotionally.

and it is probably what’s making me feel this sense of ‘loneliness’  because somehow, the fact that i can’t pinpoint what exactly the problem is, i can’t relate it to pretty much everyone else.

no solutions for this one and till then, i’ll just have to reflect on it :/

after reading a few of the related articles, i do feel a little better.

at least i know that this feeling is not uncommon – it’s natural in fact.

and yes, i am putting some effort into talking to new people (aka. freshmen) and hopefully to be able to hang out with the seniors too.

and the more important thing is to find out what’s missing in my life that’s making me feel this way – find the root of the problem eh.

maybe it’s also a temporary thing since i’ve moved back to hall after 3 months of well-fed, well-taken-care-of life at home. so in a way it’s a “new” environment again?

well, we’ll see how it goes.

i’ll be fine,  no worries! (:

Money or dreams – I’d rather wealth

20 07 2011

wealth to me as well-being

Had a college class reunion – sorta – last night and it was great catching up, especially with the guys joining the girls at university come next semester.

What I want to talk about though is more towards the long-term perspective of our degree scrolls.

Got to have a nice long chat with one of my ex-classmates – hi fish! – and realized something that has been bugging me for quite a while now is not an uncommon situation.

As we know, come graduation, we’ll have to start planning for the future ahead – what jobs to look for, what kind of salary to expect, what do we have to do now to land the jobs of our dreams etc.

And this question popped up in the minds of most of the people I’ve talked to about this – whether to pursue our dreams or to go the practical route with high-paying-but-not-what-we-love-doing kind of job.

I think I managed to convince myself of what I’m going to work towards but I thought I’d just share it here to help you through your thinking process.

Firstly, ask yourself this – what is your LIFE goal?

As I’ve already said, I’m not referring to the short-term ones here but rather, what do you really want to get out of your life given the freedom to do whatever you want/can.

Well, it could be to lead a simple and happy life or to work hard till you reach the peak of a particular career that you’ve been eyeing on forever – whatever it is, note it down.

If you observe, different goals will call for different measures to work towards achieving them.

But once you’ve decided on that, everything else should come naturally. Let me explain.

Your life goal(s) should be the motivating factor for most of your decisions. Say you want to become a psychologist to be a counsellor in order to help others in need through therapy. In this case, you would have chosen to major in psychology in school and planning to do your Masters in Psychology because only from that educational level can you be a practicing psychologist. And if you haven’t had the supposed plans obtained, then you can start looking towards Plan B or C or however many different plans until you attain your goal.

Let me remind you though – I didn’t say that it would be easy. Honestly speaking, nothing comes easy. What I’m trying to emphasize here is that we shouldn’t give in simply because the going gets tough, but rather, the tough gets going.

This way, I believe we can get wealth – in life.

To have loads of cash, to be practical and get a job that pays you well but you’re not doing what you want/love to do, it’s almost the same (or may I say it IS the same) as wasting your life away.

Wealth, to me, comes when I’m happy with my life – the job I have, the kind of life I’m leading – those are what matters to me most.

Then again, that’s because I’m choosing a goal of lifelong happiness rather than being at the top of my game.

So whichever the case it may be for you, think hard and think well.

If you’re in a dilemma like I still feel I am, struggling between what you’re good at and what you want to do, consider what you really want out of your life.

If you were given a day to do whatever you want, and that’s going to be your last and only day left in your life, what will you choose?

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4th week of work + results

30 05 2011

Sometimes I’d just wish that I knew what my future held, what I want to be, know where I’m going, have that vision to work towards. But as what I gather from most of my peers, often we have no clue as to what we’re doing, at this phase of our lives at least.

I admire those few who are able to have such a clear idea of where their passion lies in – at least they have a goal to work towards to begin with right? I believe that’s where the fire sparks to keep us going and to withstand all hardships and dare to try whatever comes along.

I’ve had various dreams – pilot, F1 driver, journalist, media crew, celebrity. But I still have no clue as to what I’m really good at and passionate about. That doesn’t work does it?

I’m glad that at least I took steps to try what I’ve dreamed of – interning at places related, observing how the background work really works. It’s funny though that I went yesterday for the DJ thing but ended up not participating simply because the queue was too long.

Well, maybe that proved to me that I’m not cut out for being a DJ?

The airshow the day before did drive me to want to strive harder for piloting though, problem being the difficulty to get in and get through, more so being a female.

It’s alright, at least I know that I still have my family and friends supporting me (:

That being said, everything becomes more confusing because we don’t know what to do with our results – whether working harder matters, whether the piece of cert even matters. Having no goal to work towards equals to no idea in what to do with studies, with results, with everything school-related. Haiz.

Anw, got to stop here since I’m at work already. Just some self-thought anyways (:

Take heart my friends, results aren’t everything! (:

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