Late night conversations with…

9 07 2016

Throughout the day and then later on at night the other day, the conversations that flowed varied widely in topics but all just as thought-provoking personally.

Similar to people, “you’ll never know until you try” is a common theme that permeates the conversations even in relation to countries, actions, choices and behaviours.

Instead of sticking to our societal norms, cultural or religious beliefs, perceptions of reality and of life, we should all learn to be open-minded and understand from another’s situation before we come to a conclusion to judge. 

Easier said than done, definitely. It’s not like I haven’t fallen into this trap of quick judgement.

Everything happens for a reason. Whether it’s aligned to your own reasoning, there will always be another reason, perception or belief that led to the outcome. 

Yet with this taken into consideration, let’s not forget too that this world is made up of things and people that are not us or ours to begin with. And while we try to remain open, there needs to be a balance to maintain the good order, harmonious environment for all. 

Seeing how things have become today, it’s getting increasingly difficult to place myself in others’ shoes to understand what is going on in our world today. The place we supposedly call home is no longer stable, orderly or a place filled with happiness and love for all…

And yes, I digress. 

It could be a quarter-life phase that makes me start thinking this way. It’s time to figure out what’s next, where I’m heading to in life, and review the envisaged end goal. 

All while taking into account, and applying the concept of not placing quick judgement on what’s right and what’s wrong, or how life is supposed to be at a certain stage/phase. 

While we can observe how we do not wish for it to end up, let’s remember that certain circumstances or choices made led to the end result. Whether or not it was a choice or forced by circumstance, there is always a reason to it.

We can’t control everything in life, but we can observe, learn and grow from observation and experimentation. 

Let’s not be quick to judge others or their circumstances, but remain open-minded and adapt our own lives along the way – hopefully towards the end goal we wish for.


“Understand”, the word – night poems #4

18 01 2015


Understanding and to be understood
Two seemingly similar things
Yet so often only one will occur

The brain’s that complex
So hard to comprehend
When disagreements take place
Just because of these two phrases
Why can’t you be more understanding?
When I could, if we were in the other’s shoes
So easily misunderstood
Because not all good intentions come to a good end.

Words said, cannot be unsaid
Yet different people can comprehend so differently
But when it’s based on situations,
How can we say that being understanding is so difficult?
Maybe it’s expectations instead that differ.
Who’s willing to give more, who wants to take more
But after all, not all good intentions come to a good end.

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