Farewell 2015, it was good while it lasted.

31 12 2015


Everyday we face it, we experience it and we deal with it.
Yet, who knew that it can also bring with it so many other issues.
Like say, eczema and cramps, or whatnot.
Still something I’m learning to deal with and not get overwhelmed by each time.
But aren’t we all?

Many not so great experiences this year but I believe that we’ll get through it.
With support and love, we’ll overcome it together.
To 2016 – a healthier and better us.
Through effort and perseverance, we’ll come out stronger.

A year where I took a leap, further than previously and braver a step than I thought I would ever take.
The memories created, the experiences I’ve gone through and the values instilled – all something that cannot be described and can only be understood after you’ve gone through it yourself. Solo tripping is something we should try at least once in our lives.

A learning journey every step of the way, the ups and downs, successes and failures.

Try our best, that’s what we’ll do everyday.

Memories etched forever in that heart that keeps beating, working hard every millisecond – that’s how I’ll strive to be. 

To appreciate what you have now, what you had in the past and be grateful for being able to have a tomorrow and a future. 

We never know when life will give our bucket a kick, so living it to the fullest each day with whatever our individual priorities are is what the new year should be like. 


Fight for the ones that you want to keep in your life.

9 12 2014


“There are strangers everywhere who we will never have the privilege of knowing and people are leaving this planet in every moment. It shouldn’t just be the holidays when we remember to appreciate the people we love. Wake up, humans. Fight for the ones that you want to keep in your life.”

“Things are always “complicated.” They live far away or they’re afraid of commitment or they’re too busy to make something work. If you care about someone, you keep them in your life. Period. If you like someone, you fight for them, every day – not just on the days you’re told you should be thinking of them. If you love someone, if they get you better than anything else, if even 2 minutes of talking to this person makes you remember how deeply you care about them, then you should never let them go. Love doesn’t know any boundaries – or it shouldn’t, anyway. Love should be the one thing in this life that happens despite everything else.”

“As we gather for the holidays, we catch each other up on our lives, how we’ve been doing, all the success we’ve been making for ourselves. It’s important to be successful in life. That’s what we all want. We want to be actors, writers, musicians, doctors, lawyers, world changers. We’re working our asses off to get there, and we’re losing people in the process. We justify it easily. We’re too busy right now. If the people in our life care about us, then they’ll stay. We’ll see them over the holidays. We’ll buy them a kick ass gift. They’ll stick by us until we’re ready for them again.”

If the people in your life are trying their hardest to stay with you and you’re not giving anything back? You’re going to lose them. Yes, we need to fight for people, we need to stick by the ones we love no matter what, but we also need to be fought for. There’s only so much indifference our hearts can take. We need to be loved right back.”

“Don’t take the people in your life for granted. Don’t stop fighting for people because you’re on your way to success and don’t want anything, or anyone, to screw up your career. Careers are always there. You can start trying for a career any day. The medical field, the music industry, the art scene – those aren’t going away any time soon. The people you have in your life – you could lose them, at any moment, if you don’t care enough to keep them with you.


The moments I’ll cherish, will you too?
Things you’ve said that should push me away, why do I still want to stay?
Is it a case of bad timing, or have you not let go of the past?
Stories you shared, felt so personal. Yet we’re both withdrawing.
Are we both afraid and thus pushing each other away?
Are we too scared of being vulnerable yet again?
Should it always be this hard?


Playing it cool, we let it drift.
Things can be simple, yet we’re always making it complicated.
Maybe it’s because we have differing goals right now.
Things are stable, we’re happy just working hard for a successful career.
Happy with just having a fun time with our closest friends and family.
That’s all we need, we think. At least for now.
But is that really the case?
Deep down, we know how we feel.
Are we avoiding going further simply because it doesn’t hurt now?
We’ll just enjoy the moment now, or so we think.
“There’s only so much indifference our hearts can take.”


Do I really know you? No I don’t.
But neither do you.
Is it worth fighting for, I ask myself repeatedly.
To be honest, I wouldn’t know.
I’m holding out, for now. For how long, I don’t know.
It’s easier to just let go, to move on.
But, there’s always a but. A nagging thought at the back of my mind.


Post inspired by Thought Catalogue’s post titled “Fight for the people you love – end of story

Be Worthy of Imitation

25 07 2011

montage of different expressions

They may term it copycats, label others as following the norm, but think about it – for others to want to imitate you and/or your behaviour, isn’t it an honour?

When we go about our daily activities, sometimes we don’t realize how we actually present ourselves to others.

No, I’m not encouraging you to be so self-conscious such that every single action you make is superficial and fake.

What I’m driving at is to be conscious of how you behave – especially outside your home.

Are your actions worthy for others to want to imitate?

exaggerated faces

Do you present yourself such that others would want to emulate you?

And you don’t have to be an influential personality to do so.

Every little action matters.

Say table manners, dining etiquette, your poise in self-presentation, the way you handle situations – they are all times when others notice you.

And you should not ‘fake it’, simply to portray yourself in a good light.

Rather, think about whether the way you react is appropriate and correct.

snarling into phone

Do you scream at the top of your lungs and become rude to others when you’re frustrated?

Yes, I’ll admit that I do and it’s not something I want others to notice.

So take a short while to reflect on your daily behaviour and begin to question if sometimes you may not be responding in the way you wanted but haven’t noticed it yet.

Cast yourself in third-person, think of whether your behaviour is worthy of imitation and start to change for the better.

As they say, it’s never too late to start. Better late than never! (:

The end is near…

25 12 2010

No worries my friends, i was just having a play on the title wording.

So quickly and the end of the year is here and today’s Christmas already, how fast time flies!

Somehow, I didn’t really get into the Christmas mood this year. Or maybe I should blame it on my sudden reclusive behaviour…it’s just the introvert in me acting out again i guess.

it was fun spending the day baking with my mum though (:

muffins and cake, how apt for Christmas.

deep down inside though, I believe that I’m still struggling to keep up with my own emotions.

they’re up and down so often that it’s really tiring.

maybe living in seclusion is really more for me…and I found this song which totally feels…what I think is apt for me right now.

Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars.

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbors think
I’m crazy
But they don’t understand
You’re all I have
You’re all I have


At night when the stars
light up my room
I sit by myself

Talking to the Moon
Try to get to You
In hopes you’re on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

I’m feeling like I’m famous
The talk of the town
They say
I’ve gone mad
I’ve gone mad
But they don’t know
what I know

Cause when the
sun goes down
someone’s talking back
They’re talking back


At night when the stars
light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the Moon
Try to get to You
In hopes you’re on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

Ahh Ahh,
Ahh Ahh,

Do you ever hear me calling?
Cause every night
I’m talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you

In hopes you’re on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away

sometimes I guess it really helps to be young and naive all over again, not have to think so much and all.

anyhow, it’s christmas day and the end of the year – marks the time to set our goals and reflect upon the past year.

there’s much to do and so little time to fulfil them.

anyhow, christmas is also the time to forgive and to forget.

and I should practise what I preach, so I’m going to try to do that.

2011 should really be the time for me to move on.

enjoy the remaining half an hour of this festive day, and tomorrow let’s all look back at what we’ve accomplished or have yet to fulfil this year and set ourselves towards new goals and strive for a good year ahead! (:

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