World Diabetes Day was almost blackout day for me…

14 11 2016


Look at the picture again, and you’d think that everyone is smiling happily post-workout. Little would you know that I’m on the verge of blacking out, a little breathless and couldn’t stand for another minute longer. It’s much scarier in real life and words can’t really describe it sufficiently well.

And that’s the sneakiness of diabetes – seeping the hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) quickly yet silently into your life. 

All we can do is try our best to manage them, 24/7 even during our sleep. Frustrating at times when doing your best doesn’t mean you get the outcome you want. 

To cut to the chase, there are two things that this post hopes to achieve:

1. Awareness to Diabetes 

Yesterday (13 Nov) was World Diabetes Day and today is the birthday of Sir Frederick Grant Banting, who was the first physician who used insulin on humans – essentially the medicine that is keeping me alive this moment. 

But I digress. 

As in previous posts that I’ve sporadically written on this topic before, there are different types of diabetes. Types 1 and 2 – differing in its cause, medical treatment and severity. 

For simplicity, here’s one article to get you started to understanding what it’s like to live with it – not too different from healthy individuals. 

In summary, not all diabetic patients are diagnosed because they’re fat, they’ve eaten too much sugar, or inherited it from their ancestors. Suffice to say, some get it while pregnant, some due to a virus attack on their pancreas, others due to obesity-related or age-related issues etc. 

While it hasn’t been a problem for me to use my needles in public, there are those who refuse to do so for fear of embarrassment or being judged. My dear friends, there is nothing wrong with self-injections. In fact, it helps educate others who may not be exposed to such norms we practise multiple times daily. 

With the government focusing more on raising awareness and educating the public on diabetes, all the more we should spread the word and support the community and help others be more health conscious and prevent cases that can be avoided! 

2. Appreciating Life After Near Death Experience

It wasn’t that obvious but it certainly gave me a good scare. With black patches in my vision, lack of energy and breathlessness – something I have never experienced before – I knew that I’ve pushed myself too hard. Too stubborn to stop and treat myself before continuing on. 

And this is why I’ve learnt to appreciate life once again (the other time being the night I was sent to the A&E just before diagnosis)

With the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we overlook the more important factors – be it family, friends or health. 

As my vision blurred and strength leaving my body, it reminded me of my loved ones. How I’ve yet to fully express my love and gratitude for the wonderful life they’ve given me. 

It’s different for everyone but let’s take some time, at least once a week, to appreciate everything and everyone around us. Be it family, friends, nature, our home and a roof above our heads, basic necessities like food and clothing, lessons we get out of life. 

Remember to appreciate yourself too – your mind, body and soul! 

It’s a long post, probably an outpouring of words after the long hiatus from random thoughts and writing. Off to look for the supermoon tonight! 🌕


A friend’s love

16 02 2011

Indeed, the day that many singles would hate is finally over.

Shove aside the memories of seeing couples all lovey-dovey walking past you, so genuinely happy; or the beautiful flowers and gifts that they’re holding; or the super sweet act of getting a bunch of your friends serenading your loved one with Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars during lecture.

The heightened awareness of your loneliness is over, cheers to all singletons who lasted through it! (:

But that isn’t the main point of my post today, rather, it is on the impact of your friends’ affections.

Although I agree with the school of thought that Valentine’s Day is overly commercialized, especially in Singapore where it’s any marketer’s dream to boost sales during this period of time, it’s nice to also have a day to commemorate your love and appreciation to all your loved ones, including your family and friends!

And so, I was really touched when i saw the many flowers and gifts that I got from my friends in hall.

honestly, it really helped in cheering me up, considering the fact that I’ve been complaining that I’m slowly becoming a loner and phantom in hall, with a much decreased level of social interaction I’ve had with others compared to my first year.

hence, those who actually felt lonely because of a lack of a significant other, i hope that you took this opportunity to show your appreciation to your loved ones too.

having practiced that myself, indeed, the joy of giving is immense.

even so, i should also explain that you really do not have to have a day such as Valentine’s to express your gratitude, any day out of the 365 days we have is fine. in fact, I would think that random surprise gifts are more meaningful and a fun way to do so!

it’s true when they talk about the power of love.

love for your family, friends, anyone, anything.

more often than what you might think, it is the driving force of our lives.

our passion is our motivation.

like for example, you study hard to get a good degree in order to get a good job with a high-paying salary so that you can earn more than enough to provide a comfortable life for your family.

your family then, becomes your motivation to study hard.

or another example could be your love for speed. (although in Singapore that is a very limited range that you can apply on the roads :/) that love could be what makes you passionate about a sport like Formula 1. and that can affect various aspects of your life such as your lifestyle (F1 becomes your obsession and you follow every single news related to it), or the types of friends you make (a common interest group of pals), how you interact with your family when watching the television etc.

it seems like i’m digressing, but all i want to say is that whether it’s love for a person, thing, sport or anything else, it is very powerful. and this recent Valentine’s Day has just reminded me of the great influence of it my friends had when they showered me with gifts.

so, put it to good use. don’t waste your love on something that/someone who is not worth it.

it’s hard but sometimes, it’s just better to move on. it is after all powerful enough to affect your whole life (:

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