Kicking that lazy mindset away

8 07 2016


Exercise in the morning, it’s the best time of the day to do so, ‘they’ said.

It’s been seven months since I’ve posted anything but I realise that it’s time to getting back to doing what I enjoy doing, and getting out of the “I’m too tired/busy/lazy” mindset.

While exercise has been a constant during the weekends, I find it a challenge to keep to it during the weekdays. 

Especially when it’s late by the time I’m home and have had sufficient time to digest dinner before exercising, and that late night hair wash and additional step of having to blow dry it, weekday exercise is usually a no-go.

Yet today is one of the rare days that I kicked my bum to get moving. 

Partly because I felt guilty from having that cheesecake before dinner while checking out the new SAFRA Punggol, and also because I was reminded of the video about how overcoming laziness just requires a little mindset shift.

The rest – those are just excuses.

If you can set your mind to something, and it’s something that you value, you’ll definitely find time to fulfil that dream/passion/hobby.

Now back to the morning vs night exercise debate. Indeed, the times that I’ve tried night exercises, I end up sleeping much later because my mind seems to be more awake than usual after exercise.

Safe to say, my little experiment shows that it probably is worth trying morning exercise and keep the mind more awake throughout the day instead. 

Til next time then, looking forward to more weekday exercises and a healthier year ahead! 

#DoingWhatYouLove #LovingWhatYouDo



(Missed) Opportunities

9 03 2014


Timing matters, especially when it comes to opportunities. So at times, we remain hopeful of what is to come, to maintain that positive outlook in life that there will be many more opportunities in future.

Missed opportunities or opportunities missed. Both lead to the same endpoint, but the process through it differs. The former normally thought of as an issue with luck, that it was an accident to have missed that golden chance, while the latter blames oneself for the lack of foresight to capture the moment.


What happens when the slightest possibility of that opportunity was available yet grabbed away from you?

When timing is no longer the issue, nor fate or foresight.

When you’re told straight in the face that you can’t – because others aren’t willing to vouch for you so as to protect their own asses interests.

When part of your motivation is stripped away. How do you sustain yourself?

When you scream the loudest and all that is heard is silence?

When there doesn’t seem to have light at the end of the tunnel, as though you’re trapped in the tunnel instead?

Yet you don’t want to give up, not willing to let go yet.

Trying to hold on to whatever’s left, despite the multiple hurdles thrown at you.

But what if whatever’s left is also slowly slipping away? And the hurdles don’t stop coming?

Motivation depleting.

How would you sustain yourself?

Time is running out

19 04 2013

Time is running out
Before my mind blows up
The signs that I see
Don’t add up in my reality

I’m confused
What is going on
Is there more than what I see
Or just normal reality

Because it’s hot and it’s cold
All feelings grow old
How would I know
When nothing really shows

Time is running out.

It’s cold out here

13 04 2013

Random inspiration for some uncoordinated prose from the weather. So here goes.

Heavy rain
Cold night
It’s dark out
And I can’t see

Flashes of lightning
Still I don’t see
Where are you?

It’s pouring
Just like tears flowing
Sky, are you crying?
Crying for me
Because the end is near

Don’t you worry sky
Because you and I
We’ll always have each other
People come
People go
But not you and me

We have our good times
And the bad times too
Today, let’s just forget it all

Chill my bones to the core
Just for today
I won’t bear a grudge
Because it’s today that you and I click
When your stormy temper is just how I feel

It’s cold
It’s dark
I don’t see you
But I feel you
It’s cold
Really cold out here.

School and you

16 02 2013

in classes we met
your face I won’t forget
to see your smile with a wave
is reason enough to stay.

slowly i fell ill
“cny,” they all said
but down inside I knew
that it was my heart instead.

no more I would say
overthinking leads to dismay
“I knew,” I’d said
I know, I would say.

I’d wish to read your mind
if there’s a feeling like mine
and then I would know
and then I will go.

just one sentence from you
and I will know
to stay or to leave
just the right words from you.

Importance of First Impressions

9 02 2013



In the past, I used to think that dressing up was a waste of time, effort and money – and I still kind of do now but that’s not the point. What I’ve been experimenting lately, is to treat myself right.

Even though those are baby steps, I’ve realized the importance to create the right first impression. As the commonly known Manhattan look-over occurs, whether consciously or unconsciously, it’s just doing yourself a disservice if we were to totally ignore the necessity to look presentable.

It may sound superficial but that’s the hard fact of reality, looks do matter. But note here that I’m not talking about the plastic surgery, picture perfect kind of look. We just have to learn how to look pleasant enough on the eyes.

You see those questions in the second paragraph of the article? Yes, maybe that’s why things aren’t going right in my life.

But I still choose to believe that looks aren’t all that matter.

As vday is coming next week, boy am I glad that I don’t have classes on that day, meaning that I don’t have to be in the midst of all that lovey-dovey, flowers and chocolates-filled atmosphere. I believe that one day, the right one will appear. And till then, let me continue learning how to create awesome first impressions so that at least things will be easier when I apply for jobs or when the right one comes along!

Why girls love chic-lit?

4 08 2012

Royalty-free Image: Pages of book forming a heart shape

Why females love reading chic-lit?

Basically because it lets them live a fairy tale they know they could never experience themselves.

Yet the entertainment and hope that eventually that fairy tale may come true pushes them on each day.

Because despite the many people whom they have met and known, no one really knows their entire self.

What was your past really like, from the moment they’ve met and gotten to know you.

What kind of deep, dark secrets have they not yet discovered?

Every person steps into our lives for a reason, one might say.

But no one will truly know us in our entirety, not unless we let them.

And that’s why girls like their chic-lit so much.

Because it’s there that they find their true freedom, in their own mind.

Where they know every single thing about themselves, and yet able to relate to whatever they are reading.

Been down with the flu and cough the entire week, ruined all exercise routine I had originally planned for.

Hadn’t been easy either, feeling restless and irritable the whole week.

What’s more, I had to cancel several appointments to stay in though I’m not complaining about the opportunity to do so, especially before the hectic final year of uni is starting soon.

Am more glad that I don’t have to deal with the horrible NUS CORS bidding system since I got preallocated all of my modules this semester, strangely happening only in my ninth semester of school.

It also doesn’t hurt that I finally got down to reading the books that I’ve borrowed from the library – thus inspiring this post btw.

Going to keep this short and go back to reading and hopefully more inspiration.

Ciao for now!

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